The ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible (as in accelerating, jumping & throwing).


The ability to carry out work against a resistance. Strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load!


Speed is the quickness of movement of a limb, whether this is the legs of a runner or the arm of the shot putter.


If you've got good stamina, then you'll be able to keep going at an activity for a long time. All sports require some degree of stamina.


Metafit is a style of HIIT and is designed to boost your fitness, rocket your energy levels & get massive results in the shortest amount of time possible.


Increase your lean muscle mass fast!


I started Metafit with Jon in Summer 2015, and i've never looked back. I've lost weight, I have more energy, I sleep better, and most of all, I have fun at Metafit! Can't recommend enough

Love it. Never miss a class!

The changing workouts permanantly keep you on your toes. An amazing class, Jon is always encouraging and always supports your fitness goals - Gillian, Ripon

I joined Metafit Ripon back in May. I still have a way to go, but really enjoy the class. Jon really encourages you, and each class is different! Its not easy at all, but has worked well for me so far! - Laura, Ripon

Metafit is a great workout. I love it! It really works every part of your body, and at around 20 minutes, there is no chance of being bored!I am really time pressured for attending classes, so these are great for me! Jodi - Ripon

Superb classes with unlimited encouragement and support. Jon is always keen to help you improve and develop good technique. An amazing class for core strength development. Charles - Ripon